Friday, January 14, 2011

Get back on track ALREADY!!

It has been a long month of not doing the things I need to do to stay "sane".  I'm not sure why this is, but sometimes it takes a lot of discomfort for me to "come to" and get my ass in gear.  

So here it is...I am tired of not feeling connected and I know what to do about, so DO IT ALREADY!!!

Day 1 of getting back on track...

1.  Admitting that I feel crazy right now
2.  Writing this
3.  Pray
4.  Read something...
5.  Stop being lazy and go to a meeting, even
though all I want to do is cuddle up on the couch
6.  Work with someone else and get off this crazy train

That's the plan.  It doesn't feel like it's gonna work right now, but I know from experience, that it does,every, single do it already!!!

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  1. You just inspired me. I love your determination. Sending you a gentle nudge. :) Go! You can!

  2. Thanks for posting.
    It's well known that once an alcoholic/addict finds something that works, we stop doing it.
    But that can change.

  3. Great post and indeed the manner we change is to admit it then as we can take're doing both!!!
    Hang in there...

  4. glad you have a plan. looks a lot like the one that works for me, too (when I get my butt off the couch and do it, like you said :)

  5. I can totally relate! Hope it's a great day!

  6. Dear Melissa,

    I stopped by today to welcome you to my blog and to apologize for taking so long to do so. "Life on Life's Terms" for me has meant getting through some pressing work deadlines. But now that the crunch has passed, I'm working on getting myself back on track with my blog and visiting others.

    I'm so glad to meet you. I can tell I'm going to enjoy visiting often.

  7. I hope its been a good day for you :)

  8. I'm visiting people who have pushed the button to follow my blog, and tonight I'm blessed by you. I'm in the same place you are, and today my meditation was on the "Acceptance" story. We make a decision to change our attitude ten minutes at a time, don't we? And it must be followed by action. Tomorrow my action is to work with a sponsee. Today my action was to meditate and hit a meeting to listen to the message; the message was the lies the disease tells us. I needed to hear that. God bless you.