Sunday, August 29, 2010

Standing up inside myself...

I went to a retreat last weekend and heard some awesome stuff, but the thing that stuck with me the most was the phrase..."I am standing up inside of myself."  What a cool mental picture of finding out who I truly want to be, living and going after what I want with this integrity, and having the courage of my convictions.

I have thought about it when I have told my truth.  I have thought about it when I have been the mother I want to be.  I have thought about it in dealings with my ex and every other relationship in my life.  I have thought about it when I am doing just what is in front of me.  And I have thought about when I have fallen short of these ideals.

I know I can't control a lot of things...other people's behavior makes the top of that list.  I can, however, control my behavior and my reactions.  I can realize that they are acting out of their own values and beliefs.  Their place of integrity.  I can give them that and I can have mine.

Today, I will be 'standing up inside myself' and in there, I am the only one that can knock me down!!  ♥

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